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We are pleased to offer the following equipment from our used and reconditioned stock.

We are always pleased to examine any organ blowing or humidification equipment made redundant for whatever reason, with a view to its dismantling and removal. We are always interested in purchasing DISCUS organ blowing equipment in good condition.

Please contact us with details.

All prices shown on this page are ex works and exclude VAT.

B.O.B Minor £250.00 B.O.B X4b £400.00
 P6010089  SAM_0320_2
This B.O.B blower does not show model details upon the serial plate but we believe it to be a Minor 1 or Minor 2 (no longer listed by BOB). Delivering some 250 cfm at aproximately 2 in.H20 (No load static reading 3 in.H20. Driven by a retro fitted 180w single phase Brook Crompton resilient mount sleeve bearing motor. This unit is unenclosed. Outlet position R0 (BOB L.H.B) A Nice example of an X4b. Driven by a three phase 3/4HP motor. B.O.B’s performance data for this machine indicates 650 cfm @ 4 in.H20. This unit is unenclosed. Outlet position R90 (BOB L.V)
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DISCUS 310 “FOAM” – £600.00 DISCUS 360 Two stage £POA


Recently refurbished example of this popular workhorse driven by a 1HP single phase motor. Outlet position R180. Unenclosed****** NOW SOLD ******

More examples undergoing refurbishment.

The flagship of the DISCUS standard blower range. This unit, manufactured in the 1980′s is capable of delivering 2000 cfm. It is belt driven allowing it to be taylored to individual requirements. This drive arrangement means that it can easily be supplied powered by either a single, or, three phase motor. We have two such units in stock plus one earlier (1960′s) example undergoing refurbishment.
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DISCUS 290 Two stage – £1150.00  


One of the DISCUS Classics. The 290 two stage. Reconditioned and driven by a 5HP three phase motor. Outlet position L90.
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Unsorted stock

We often have a selection of machines yet to be inspected by our engineers. If you don”t see what you wan’t above, give us a call, it’s possible we may still be able to help you.

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